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Alantl Molina (Cuevano, 1977) is a Mexican artist working in multiple disciplines. The current focus of his artistic work is in exploring the boundaries between reality and fiction, the dynamics of personal and national identity and the concepts people hold on to in order to support their identity.

As a photographer he has produced materials for theater plays and musical artists, he has published pictures with the Reuters news agency and he curated the photo exhibition Nippon América 日本アメリカ, which premiered in Tokyo in September 2019, was part of the Barranquilla Arts Carnival in February 2020 and it opened at the Museo Nacional de las Culturas del Mundo of Mexico City in 2022.

For his Fauxtograms, made in collaboration with Paulina Camu, he uses his own photographs of everyday scenes to create films that have their own photograms, synopsis, technical sheet and behind-the-scenes anecdotes despite that they have never been filmed.


As a musician he has composed music for films such as Bad Hair, (2013, Mariana Rondon), winner of the Golden Shell of the 61st San Sebastián Film Festival; documentaries such as SEED: The Untold Story (2016, Taggart Siegel, Jon Betz), produced by Marisa Tomei and Marc Turtletaub; written scores for theater plays and television shows, and participated in records such as Andy Palacio’s Watina, and Umalali, The Garifuna Women's Project. His texts have appeared in numerous magazines and compilations of Mexican short stories.

He is also one of the participants of Mosaico Genético en México: una mirada desde las artes, an arts and science popularization project where 80 personalities of the arts world were invited to take an ancestry test in exchange for a piece that could be used in a series of exhibitions, round tables and conferences to inform the public about the risks of such tests. The exhibition opened on April 7, 2022 at the Museo de la ciudad de México.

Instagram: @terminaentl | twitter: @aliasRmiranda | IMDB: Alantl Molina | SoundCloud: tepeyac usto | Bandcamp: tepeyac usto | ello: alantl

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