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Alantl Molina

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Alantl Molina (Cuevano, 1977) is a Mexican artist working in multiple disciplines. Using photography he orchestrates experiments that engage the viewer to question the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction, and the psychological projection mechanisms that shape identity and our perceived reality.

His research has been presented in galleries, museums, action houses and stages in five countries.


In his production process, which involves music scoring, photography, publications in media, video, and performative interventions in art world events, he resorts to a wide array of partners, who assist in amplifying the acts well beyond their foreseeable reach.


His FAUXTOGRAMS, created with Paulina Camu, are a project of alternate realities that are activated by way of made-up films. Nippon América 日本アメリカis a travelling photography exhibition that interrogates issues related to gender and national identity. Manumission is work of artivism that questions the current business model of the music industry.


In parallel to his own work, he has served as a photographer for traditional music groups and theater plays, he has scored feature films and documentaries, he has written long-form journalism articles and book reviews and he was one of the participants of Mosaico Genetico and Proyecto Mitocondria.

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